Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

ArtFusion - Latest Generation Array Resistivity LWD Tool

Available in three sizes (4.75”, 6.75” and 8.25"), the ArtFusion Tool provides the market with an opportunity for accurate Formation Evaluation by using a very accurate resistivity measurement coupled to the deepest reading measurement, and a staggering 20 borehole compensated curves are available. It also comes with Azimuthal Gamma Ray and 8 sector images.

Its state of the art measurement specifications are comparable or exceed those of any other equivalent tool and features the following types of data: 

1. Array of multi-frequency borehole compensated resistivity measurements (20 curves)
2. Azimuthal Gamma Ray and 8 sector images
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Primary Benefits:​​
  • Accurate Formation Evaluation.
  • Basic Well Placement
  • Wireline replacement resistivity measurements.​
Secondary Benefits:
  • Deepest depth of investigation of any propagation LWD tool 
  • Sufficient curves that allow inversions to be applied to solve for complex downhole environmental effects.​

Landing on target:

  • Azimuthal Gamma Ray to help land your well on

  • Dips can be estimated from realtime Dip and extrapolated to the surrounding formations.

Solving for complex environmental effects:

  • Uses an array of resistivity curves featuring similar vertical resolutions and varying depths of investigations.
  • Apparent resistivity can be corrected for complex​ downhole environmental effects.
  • Deepest reading propagation resistivity tool in the industry provides the most accurate Rt measurement.

Fully compensated measurements:

  • The design of the ArtFusion array resistivity tools ensures that the 20 resistivity measurements are borehole compensated, meaning that rugosity effects are eliminated from the curves.

Avoiding wireline saves costs:

  • With accurate formation evaluation, wireline resistivity runs can be avoided, saving costs.