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ArtFusion - Latest Generation Array Resistivity LWD Tool

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Propagation Technology
ArtFusion is a multiple frequency Electromagnetic Wave Propagation style device.
Multiple transmitter antennas sequentially create magnetic fields which induce alternating currents in the formation, they in turn generate secondary magnetic fields that are detected by two receiver antennas which measure the phase angle and amplitude of the wave.
The electronics then provide a Phase Shift measurement (difference of two phases) and an Attenuation measurement (ratio of the amplitudes).

Deep reading
The ArtFusion was designed to have the deepest reading resistivity measurements in the industry.
In a conductive formation of 1 ohm-m, the deepest of the 5 Phase Shift 2 MHz measurements has a DOI (Depth Of Investigation) of almost 3 feet into the formation*. Deeper readings mean that Rt (True Resistivity) is more likely to be measured. The 5 low frequency Phase Shift and the 10 Attenuation measurements (5 high frequency, 5 low frequency) read even deeper.

The downhole environment is complex
A vertical drilled well provides very different resistivity curves to an inclined well through the same formations. To the uninitiated, the resistivity curves would look like different formations or even different fields.
Accurate Formation Evaluation is challenged by environmental factors – such as di-electric effect, anisotropy, mud invasion, shoulder bed effects, tool eccentering within OBM, washouts, and the impact of mud resistivity within the wellbore and fractures. And so the industry needs better methods to solve these complex challenges.

5 borehole compensated Phase Shift curves at 2 MHz
Based on its high measurement range of 3,000 ohm-m, narrow vertical resolution and deep DOI, the 2 MHz Phase Shift is the measurement of choice when conducting formation evaluation. In an environment where a minimum of 3 such curves are required, ArtFusion gives you 5 Phase Shift at 2 MHz curves.​

The result of Accurate Formation Evaluation
The result of having multiple and comparable measurements at deeper readings of the same physical behavior is to get a better, and more accurate identification of Rt (True Resistivity), and of course, related investment and payback decisions become more accurate.
Wireline resistivity runs can be avoided.

Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Images
Integral to the tool is the azimuthal gamma ray sensor, capable of sending realtime gamma ray quadrant measurements or even images. In memory, the tool stores 8 sector gamma ray images.

*Oliden Technology uses ‘Depth of Investigation’ rather than ‘Diameter of investigation’ to define the measurement characteristics and performances. 3ft Depth of Investigation equates to over 6ft Diameter of investigation