Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

DartFusion - Latest Generation Geosteeing and Array Resistivity LWD Tool

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Propagation Technology
DartFusion is a multiple frequency Electromagnetic Wave Propagation style device.
Multiple transmitter antennas sequentially create magnetic fields which induce alternating currents in the formation, they in turn generate secondary magnetic fields that are detected by two receiver antennas which measure the phase angle and amplitude of the wave.

The electronics then provide a Phase Shift measurement (difference of two phases) and an Attenuation measurement (ratio of the amplitudes).

Azimuthal Propagation
By using specialist and proprietry designs for the antennas, the tool can produce directionally sensitive measurements that are lacking in traditional LWD propagation tools.

Bed Boundary Mapping
Capable of reading all around it to a depth of 20ft into the formation, the DartFusion tool enables real-time distance to multiple boundary meaurements, providing the surface team with unprecedented visibility of the downhole stratigraphy beyond the wellbore.
The measurement provides quantitative distances and directions to multiple bed boundaries and a qualitative measurement of the boundary resistivity.

Bed Orientation
  • Strike - This is continuously measured directly by the DartFusion and sent in realtime. The formation strike is displayed on a foot-foot basis using the surface displays.
  • Dip - This is inferred in realtime from the Oliden surface answer product as formation bed boundaries are displayed and measured. Visualization made simple.

Accurate Formation Evaluation
The 20 borehole compensated resistivity curves from DartFusion replicate those same curves from the ArtFusion . In addition to the accurate formation evaluation capabiliities of ArtFusion, the DartFusion has even enhanced capabilities when delaing with anisotropy. 

Wireline resistivity runs can be avoided.

Deep Depth Of Investigation
This device is perfect for well placement and geosteering challenges. The 20ft Depth Of Investigation into the formation beats all equivalent technologies.

The Power of Visualization
A surface software product that inverts the azimuthal resistivity measurements and displays multiple formation bed boundaries against the trajectory of the wellpath, displaying the quantitative distance to those multiple bed boundaries as well as a qualitative indicator of their resistivities and the bedding orientation.

Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Images
Integral to the tool is the azimuthal gamma ray sensor, capable of sending realtime gamma ray quadrant measurements or even images. In memory, the tool stores 8 sector gamma ray images.