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Already have a legacy MWD system in-house? No problem for Oliden.

Our LWD Tools have been retrofitted mechanically, electrically, and electronically with multiple MWD tools on the market. 

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DataFusion - Surface Acquisition System
State of the art surface acquisiton system allowing high quality operations on LWD jobs due to excellent depth tracking capabiliites. All sensors are Class 1, Div 1 rated to -40C.

​​​​​LITE model
All sensors are included which allow accurate depth tracking and demodulation via multiple signal pressure transducers.

All equipment is powered and communicated via a single multicore cable run from the safe area to Olidens rig floor junction box. 

FULL model
With a larger multi-core cable, Geolograph, Heave Compensator and Pump Stroke Counters, the LITE model is instantly upgraded to the FULL model allowing operations on floating rigs such as drill ships or semi-submersibles.
The upgrade from LITE to FULL is simplicity itself, the junction box, cabling system, and SAU hardware is common and pre-designed to work with the new sensor additions.

The Common outcome is accurate Depth

Whichever system is right for you, the Oliden solution has been designed to use a high resolution depth sensor whilst heavily mitigating noise on the cabling system, ensuring the very best in depth control at very long cabling runs.

High Data Rates
Using proven methods to improve the signal to noise ratio, advanced digital signal processing and enhanced noise immunity in the cabling system, Oliden is able to operate the pulser at a faster duty cycle at deeper depths. This translates directly into higher telemetry data rates when combined with Oliden's compression schemes, springboarding the Oliden Telemetry rates towards 3 bits per second when downhole.


The software will provide real-time displays for curves and images, perform environmental processing for LWD curves, output streaming WITS data packages, Recorded Mode Processing, generate BHA reports and Time-Depth plots, and many more.