Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

GeoFusion - Latest Generation Laterolog and Imaging LWD tool
Winners of the prestigious
"OTC 2018 Spotlight on New Technology Award"

Available in two sizes (4.75” and 6.75”), the GeoFusion is a latest generation imaging and Laterolog resistivity LWD tool incorporated into a single collar, designed for conductive muds it enables formation evaluation, horizontal well placement and fracture analysis.

Its state of the art measurement specifications are comparable or exceed those of any other equivalent tool and features the following types of data: 

1. Focused array of azimuthal laterolog resistivity measurements 
2. Resistivity full wellbore images of the formation
3. Resistivity at bit measurement​​​
4. Azimuthal gamma ray and images (475 variant)​

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Primary Benefits:​​
Secondary Benefits:
  • Up to 20,000 ohm-m formation resisitivity measurement. .
  • Maintains azimuthal resistivity even while sliding.
  • Drilling risks such as drilling dynamics, wellbore instability, keyseating mitigated in realtime.
  • Deepest depth of investigation of any laterolog LWD tool.
  • Excellent thin bed reponses, azimuthally focused and relatively unaffected by anisotropy effects.​
  • High resolution images (128 sector 0.4") provide stunning illumination of fractures, thin beds and formation dip.
  • Well placement and realtime decision making is more certain using bit resistivity, azimuthal gamma ray and array resistivity measurments.
  • Geopressure solutions using bit resistivity measurement.

Structural and Strategraphic features:

Bedding Orientation:

  • High resolution images of structural and stratigraphic features allows determination of dip and fracture orientation.
  • Dip orientation observed in realtime helps geosteering experts to position the wellbore accurately.
  • Visibility of thinly laminated sand/shale reservoirs.
  • Reveals fracture patterns, fracture behaviors and fracture networks.

  • Strike - Continuously measured directly by the DartFusion and sent in realtime. Displayed on surface.
  • Dip - Inferred in realtime from surface software as the formation bed boundaries are displayed and measured.

Wellbore Safety

Wellbore Condition:

  • Detection of geopressure anomalies, such as depleted formations before bit penetration occurs.
  • Allows casing to be set and sealed, BHA and mud weight changes can be made before penetrating the next section.

  • Images reveal wellbore stability events in real-time, such as key seating, spiral hole, or breakout events.
  • Key Seat events can be mitigated in realtime by intentionally reaming at the correct depth to remove the keyseat.
  • Excessive wellbore stress imbalances that lead to breakout can be identified and mitigated in realtime.​
  • Complimentary environmental measurements.