Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

Exhibiting at NRG Center for first time

Oliden Technology is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting for the first time at the NRG Center at OTC 2019.

Located in 400 sq.ft of area in the prestigious NRG Center, Oliden technology will be showcasing its new portfolio consisting of:
  • Azimuthal Density & Porosity
  • Gamma-Pressure-Ultrasonic
  • Award winning 475 GeoFusion laterolog resistivity.

Come and say hello to the Team during your visit to OTC.

New facility

Oliden Technology has recently moved premises to a new Manufacturing facility in Stafford, Texas.

Located at 4025 Bluebonnet Drive, this 33,000 sq.ft  arena enables Oliden Technology to meet any production capacity required of it as it continues its transformation into a high volume supplier of latest generation LWD/MWD equipment.

We are winners

Oliden Technology has won the coveted 'Spotlight On New Technology' award from OTC in 2018.

The product that won this award was the GeoFusion 475 Laterolog Imaging and Resistivity tool.
Qiming Li, the CEO of Oliden Technology was present to  receive the award amongst other elite winners at a prestigious ceremony located in the main area of the Reliant Center.

Winners were selected based on the following five criteria:

NEW : Less than two years old

INNOVATIVE : Original, groudbreaking, and capable of having a major impact

PROVEN : Through full scvale application for successful prototype testing

BROAD INTEREST: Broad appeal for the industry

SIGNIFICANT IMPACT: Provides significant benefits beyond existing technologies.

A video of the winning technology can be seen here.

Winners of the prestigious "OTC 2018 Spotlight on New Technology Award" for GeoFusion 475

March 2018

Oliden Technology is proud to announce that we have been awarded as one of the winners of the prestigious "2018 Spotlight on New Technology Award" for the GeoFusion 475 LWD tool.

The GeoFusion 475 was co-developed with CNPC and represents the highest capability laterolog LWD tool in the Industry, boasting:
  • Unmatched resistivity range, up to 20,000 ohm.m
  • Unmatched DOI of the array of resistivity curves,
  • Quadrant Resistivity curves even while sliding.
  • 128 sector images from a 0.4" button electrode
  • Bit Resistivity measurement.

Read more about the GeoFusion LWD tool here.

See the short video on GeoFusion 475 here.

Co-Developed with CNPC. 

First independent bed boundary mapping jobs in North America: 
5 - February - 2018​​​

First independent bed boundary mapping jobs in North America.

In multiple recent wells in North America, the DartFusion Bed Boundary Mapping LWD tool was used while drilling 6.25" section over a distance of 1,465m using a water based mud.

This is the first time that this technology has been deployed in North America outside of a major service company.

Using its industry leading depth of investigation of 20ft, DartFusion was able to resolve multiple bed boundaries in a challenging environment where the resistivity contrast of the target formation to adjacent layers was 1:2.