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Already have a legacy MWD system in-house? No problem for Oliden.

Our LWD Tools have been retrofitted mechanically, electrically, and electronically with multiple MWD tools on the market. 

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Planning Phase

Planning Phase

Execution Phase

Execution Phase

Evaluation phase

Oliden Technology is growing, and with it, the capabilities and solutions that it can offer our customer base. We provide the following capabilities:

Interpretation Product Development
Team members are industry experts in answer product development and petrophysics interpretation. We can support, construct, and collaborate on a range of answer product technologies and applications.

Engineering Consultation and Collaboration
Oliden has strong competence in all aspects of downhole technology development including sensor physics, mechananical design, high temperature hostile electronics development, advanced simulation and modeling, and turn-key project management ranging from reliability improvements through to full integration projects.

Geosteering expertise
Oliden has extensive knowledge and competence of geosteering methods, ranging from creating geologic models through to forward modelling the wellplan onto wellsite support for well placement at the rigsite.
Oliden can support in planning, execution, and evaluation phases of any well placement challenge.

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