Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

TeleFusion - Latest Generation medium speed Telemetry MWD tool

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MWD Technology
A probe based MWD tool using a reliable pulser to convey mud pulse telemetry at higher transmission rates than other available technologies on the market.
Coupled with the standard 175C and 25,000 psi specification, the TeleFusion is in a class of its own due to its mud pulse telemetry rate and drilling dynamics measurements.

High Data Rate
Using proven methods to improve the signal to noise ratio, advanced digital signal processing and enhanced noise immunity in the surface cabling system, Oliden is able to operate the pulser at a faster duty cycle at deeper depths, this translates directly into higher telemetry data rates, when combined with Olidens compression schemes this catapults the Oliden Telemetry rates towards 3 bits per second when downhole.

Digital D&I
Very high accuracy D&I package that is self-contained with all coefficients making modularity much easier than with analogue systems.

The D&I portion can be located anywhere oin the MWD tool, maximising the flexibility of the BHA design.

Pressure Integrity
Unless specified otherwise, TeleFusion comes complete with a 25,000psi bulkhead in every interconnect module, providing peace of mind and assurance.

Fully compatible with Oliden LWD fleet, the TeleFusion has a realtime clock and provides the high-side for LWD tools.

Drillers Solution
The TeleFusion carries a powerful suite of integral drilling dynamics measurements to measure and communicate the downhole drilling environment to the surface in real-time. Axial and Transverse Shocks allow the driller to recognize when resonant frequencies are harming the downhole BHA. Stick Slip measurements display the harmful effects that cyclical torque has on the downhole BHA components. By correctly using the TeleFusion drilling dynamics measurements, the driller can not only increase ROP but mitigate the harmful effects of excessive cyclical torque and excessive shocks to downhole components.